Sunday, June 14, 2009

4 Views On Eternal Security

Matthew Pinson has a book through the Zondervan "Counterpoint" series that features four theologians' view on eternal security; the once saved, always saved / perseverance of the saints debate. The contributors are all prestigious alumni of various universities and present the Classical Calvinist, Moderate Calvinist, Reformed Arminian, and Wesleyan Arminian views. It's an interesting read to say the least, though thank goodness there's a glossary.

What I found most interesting were their areas of agreement. First and foremost, they all agreed that holy men will long be disagreeing over salvation, and being Brothers in Christ, they expected to see each other together in heaven one day and find out the real answers. Secondly, I was very interested that each one presented their theory in it's abbreviated entirety, beginning with all that they believe about God, that He has revealed about Himself in Holy Scripture, as it is what the principals understood about God and his characteristics that shaped their theory of His plan for salvation as they interpreted His Word. And thirdly, they all seemed to agree that you have to use Calvin, Arminius, and Wesley, and what they wrote and how they interpreted scripture, and not any of the many writers that came after them, as too many have tried to interpret and reinterpret them, and improve on them, until there are all the countless denominations and countless understandings we have now.

I found myself sympathizing with each of the 'big four' theories, and see no way it will be resolved anytime soon! And no, I'm not wishy-washy by nature. I have always leaned toward Calvin, but hearing Wesley's personalization of the gospel was very interesting. I've a new respect for open-mindedness, and we'll leave it at that.

My own experience with Christ has shown me that perseverance is the only way, regardless of whether my salvation is at stake, so it's all a mute point to me, anyway. Let's face it, my life is so crazy, I'd be lost without Christ (no pun intended)!

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