Friday, December 10, 2010

I Doubt It

Lately I have been dwelling on Thomas' doubt of the risen Lord. Hardly a Christmas story, I know. But since I can't get it out of my head, I must make the obvious observations. Many times this story has been used to explain our doubts about God. How much faith is still faith when we also harbor doubts? How can our doubt strengthen us? One can hardly go through church life without encountering these interesting discussion questions in a bible study.

But is that really what this story is about?
Isn't it really about the gospel? The bible has not been given to us to teach us about us. We know we have doubts. We know we can't keep the law. We know inside how messed up we are, and how the world we live in is messed up. But the bible tells us about God. When we are messed up and can't believe, he comes to us. When we have doubts, he comes to us. Whether we are a lost coin, or a lost sheep, or a lost Apostle, God takes it upon himself to come to us and show us the marks on his hands, and the wound in his side. Is it any wonder that Thomas' only response could be, "My Lord and my God"? Grace is a precious thing. Jesus takes it upon himself to reveal his presence and come into our lives and hearts. Our only response can be that of Thomas'.

Each Sunday when we come to worship, we drink from the river of life again, giving thanks that it is God who chose us, saves us, and lives with and within us. That's gospel living. That has been Jesus' ministry through the Holy Spirit since his resurrection; to reveal himself to all whom his Father has given him.

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