Saturday, March 17, 2012

Christian Justice and National Security vs Freedom

"The NSA has become the largest, most covert, and potentially most intrusive intelligence agency ever" from Wired Science.

Many see the governmental take over of the health care system, with mandates for all to purchase insurance they can't afford, as a loss of freedom, just as is seen the imposing of health care rules on both religious organizations and people that find those rules to be against their morals, a loss of religious freedom, all of which is supposed to be protected by our constitution; and the jury is still out on where all of that will go. But there is no doubt that the current administration, including the congress, is making the largest power grab in history. 

The president has taken over the auto industry, the health care industry, the oil industry (preventing new leases), and countless other industries like the insurance industry by regulations and loans, and the housing purchasing industry by the same methods (note: when one has regulated something to the point that they are coming to you for money with strings attached, you have successfully taken them over), and now, as possibly the largest assault on privacy and freedom, the NSA will not just be scanning the internet "chatter" for terrorists anymore, and studying secret transmissions between governments, they will be reading, reviewing, analyzing, studying, and using as they wish, YOU.

Every complete email, every posted comment, every credit card transaction, every phone conversation, text message, every stock transaction, any communicae between offices, every everything that happens, YOUR STUFF, including every encrypted transaction, in the hope that they will not be caught with their pants down come the next terrorist attack on American soil. This project being built, called the Utah Data Center, is a heavily fortified $2 billion center and should be up and running in September 2013. It was voted DOWN in 2003 as too much of an intrusion into our privacy. So much for that. The time was ripe.

Granted, as the article states, the NSA blew every chance it had to prevent terror- from the Cole bombing, to the first WTC bombing, to 9/11, and everything in between. But is this really what it has come down to? It's an interesting article, from Wired Science linked above, posing both sides of the issue. I guess one has to wonder which side of the coin is more important, or rather, just how much freedom are we willing to give up? The scary thing is, the slope we are on can only lead one direction. Is there any turning back even if we wanted? Romney loves big government, too. It will be more of the same. Santorum or Paul would try to stop the intrusion of government in our lives, but they fail to get taken seriously, in large part due to the media that has framed them as too far out of the mainstream, though how freedom has become out of the mainstream is beyond me, and proof the media still has tremendous power to shape the debate on their terms.

So here is the final question:  Does the Christian justice mission just drag this 'freedom stuff' into one more culture war issue? We don't do so well on those, and tend to tie ourselves in knots over them. (That scream in the distance that you hear may be the last sound the fat lady's going to make.) It would seem that making freedom a "Christian" issue, even religious freedom, just plays into some one else's hands, not ours. It will be an interesting November but an even more interesting August and September. This is too well thought out to be left to the whims of an election. And no, I'm not the "shadow government" paranoid type. This is in the broad daylight, and we're all a part of it. I just suspect the checkmate will be well before the election, and said election won't be the cliff hanger we are being told it will be. I'll be praying I'm wrong.

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